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Aircraft Database Details

To provide more more help in creating an aircraft database, there is a very detailed description of how to create an aircraft database from the information in the Pilot's Operating Handbook for a Cirrus SR22.

Cirrus SR22 example

Custom Aircraft Databases

Would you like to make your aircraft database available for others to download? It is a bit tricky, but I have provided detailed instructions here regarding how to do it. For example, you could make a custom database with the entire fleet of your flight school. Users could download it from the school's website, and the fleet would be added to their existing aircraft database.

Aircraft Downloads

The following aircraft are available for download. Once the file is HotSync'ed to your Palm device, the aircraft will be added to your aircraft database. You must be using at least version 4.5 of CoPilot in order to make use of these downloads. You will still need to make some final changes to the data. In particular:

Install the database like you would install an application - double click on the file and then perform a HotSync.

Contributions are welcome. If you have created an aircraft database that you would be willing to share, please submit it, and it will be added to the list.

Aircraft Contributor
Cessna 152 R. Craig Westcott
Cessna 172M Laurie Davis
Cessna 172 Bill Hebert
Cessna 172N R. Craig Westcott
Cessna 172P R. Craig Westcott
Cessna 172S Charles Freeman
Cessna 172RG R. Craig Westcott
Cessna 172SP Tod Klingler
Cessna 177RG Ed Hunt
Cessna 182P Bill Hebert
Cessna 182Q Peter Samson
Cessna 182S
Utility W&B curves are for landing
Brian J. Henry
Cessna 182T Charles Freeman
Cessna 182RG Charles Freeman
Cessna 182RG Charles Freeman
Cessna Citation C525 Mike Hanks
Piper Cherokee 180C Laurie Davis
Piper Warrior II R. Craig Westcott
Piper Archer II Tod Klingler
Piper Arrow David Brett
Piper Navajo Philippe Caïric
1947 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza
44.5% power
Brian J. Henry
1947 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza
53.5% power
Brian J. Henry
1947 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza
62.5% power
Brian J. Henry
Beech Bonanza Mike Wrob
Beech Duchess 76 R. Craig Westcott
Beech 19 Andre Bouchard
Beech C23 Andre Bouchard
Grumman Tiger Mike Wrob
Mooney M20D Kevin Fuhr
Cirrus SR20 Laurie Davis
Cirrus SR22 Laurie Davis
Tampico TB9 Costas Pavlidis
Trinidad TB20 F. Chuck
TB200 Tobago XL
minimum fuel burn
Nick Sharp
TB200 Tobago XL
maximum performance
Nick Sharp
DR48 Saucats Hermann Alfred
DR42 Saucats Hermann Alfred
Eurocopter EC135 Charles Freeman
Bell 412 Helicopter Stan Gosnell
Bell 412 Helicopter George Buta
S76++ Helicopter Stan Gosnell
Diamond DA20-A1 Stefan Vorkoetter
C-130 Hercules Kelly Jarrett
Partenavia PN68B James Douglas
King Air C90
W&B data is for average arms
Ian Marks
King Air F90
W&B data is for average arms
Ian Marks
King Air 200
W&B data is for average arms
Ian Marks
Robinson R22 Helicopter Steve Pierce
Bell 206 Helicopter Stan Gosnell
Van's RV-4 Scott VanArtsdalen