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Frequently Asked Questions

I have recently switched from a Palm device to a Windows handheld. Do you have a version of CoPilot for this platform?

No, but there is an application that allows you to run Palm applications on a Windows handheld. Check out StyleTap.

I have a Palm Tungsten T5. The CoPilot databases seem to be taking a lot of extra space?

That is true. The new nonvolatile memory on the T5 (and the Treo 650) is not very efficient at storing databases with relatively small records. For example, the CoPilot waypoint database will be 3 to 4 times as large on a T5 (or Treo 650) versus an earlier model.

Palm has released an update that claims to make the problem less serious. Check the support section of the Palm website for your particular device.

I put a copy of the waypoint database onto my memory card but CoPilot cannot seem to find it.

The waypoint needs to have a specific name and be in a specific directory on the memory card in order for CoPilot to use it. There are three ways to ensure that it is in the right place:

Why does my Weight & Balance form only show the ramp weight?

The aircraft database is missing information regarding which of the weight & balance stations are fuel tanks. In the aircraft database, the WB 1 form has a column labelled "Tank". This column is where you indicate which rows correspond to fuel tanks, and the order in which the fuel will be burned. For an aircraft with only one fuel station, simply enter a 1 in the correct row.

Is there a version of CoPilot for PocketPC (WinCE)?

No there is not a version for PocketPC, and there are no plans to develop one.

Is there an alternative to manually entering the waypoints?

Yes, see the Waypoints page.

Do you have plans to develop a version for larger screens (e.g. 320x480)?

CoPilot currently supports high density (320X320) screens, but there are no plans to support larger screens.

Larger screens (e.g. 320X480) will work, but the bottom area will always display the text input area.

Does CoPilot support w&b calculations for aircraft that have fuel tanks with variable moment arms?

CoPilot does not support variable moment arms. It is something that I am considering adding some time in the future. You may be able to provide limited support now by using the ability to define many tanks and also specify the order in which they will be used.

Does CoPilot support lateral w&b calculations for helicopters?

CoPilot does not support lateral w&b. There are no plans to add this capability.

What is the maximum size of a waypoint database file?

The maximum size of a database file is 32,767 waypoints. The Palm OS has a fundamental limit of 65,536 items in a database, but many of the user interface elements in the Palm OS have a limit of 32,767 items.

How do I change the initial character that is displayed in a waypoint ident field?

CoPilot remembers the most common initial character that you have used recently and initializes the ident field with that character.

The batteries died in my Palm. Do I have to reenter all of the data?

Maybe not. Whenever you perform a HotSync all of your database files are backed up on your PC. Look for files that start with "CoPilot"; there should be seven of them (CoPilot, CoPilot_Aircraft, CoPilot_Flight, CoPilot_Pilot, CoPilot_Prefs, CoPilot_User_Waypoint, CoPilot_Waypoint). Reinstall all of these files (double click and then perform a HotSync). Make sure that they are all reinstalled before you run CoPilot for the first time.