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SR22 Aircraft Database

Gen Cruise Climb Equip WB 1 WB 2

Most of the data on the Gen form is fairly easy to find.

Ident is the tail number of the aircraft.

Type is the type of the aircraft as you would report on a flight plan.

Wake is the wake turbulance category of the aircraft (Light, Medium, or Heavy).

ELT is the category of Emergency Locator Transmitter that is carried on board the aircraft (usually AF):

Homebase is the normal home aerodrome for the aircraft as you would report on a flight plan.

Fuel Density is the density of the fuel that is used by this aircraft. This is used by CoPilot to convert between fuel measured by volume and fuel measured by weight. Standard aviation fuel is 6.01 pounds per US gallon.

Start/Taxi Fuel is the fuel used on the ground. See "Factors" on the "Time, Fuel, and Distance to Climb" table (Taxi Fuel - Add 1 gallon for start, taxi, and takeoff).

Fuel Units - Most units in CoPilot are specified on the Preferences form. The exception to this is fuel units. Fuel units are specified for each aircraft. When first creating the aircraft database entry, set this unit to match the data in the aircraft manual. If you would prefer to use a different fuel unit later, simply change this to your preferred units once you are done. CoPilot will properly handle the unit conversions.

Description is the aircraft description as you would report on a flight plan.