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SR22 Aircraft Database

Gen Cruise Climb Equip WB 1 WB 2

The WB 1 form can largely be completed from the data in the "Loading Data" figure (see below).

Arm data is found in the header of the bottom table. Cirrus refers to arm as "Fuselage Station" , or "FS".

Weight is the weight at the weight & balance station. In general, only the basic empty weight is known ahead of time. The other entries should be left blank. You will enter this data on the Weight & Balance form when you prepare the data for a specific flight. The Weight & Balance form for a new flight will be initialized with the weights that you specify on the WB 1 form, all others will be blank. If you would like the form for a specific flight initialized with other default weights, simply enter them on the WB 1 form. For example, you may want the form to default to full fuel.

The data for the basic empty weight is specific to a particular aircraft. The example is taken from the "Delivered Weight Data & Equipment List" figure for aircraft N1360C (see below). If any modifications were made to the aircraft after delivery, a new weight and balance form would have been created.

Tank is used to indicate which rows are fuel tanks. Enter a number that indicates the order in which the fuel tanks will be emptied. If there are several tanks that are emptied simulataneously, enter the same number for those tanks. If there is only one fuel tank, simply enter a "1" for that tank. The corresponding row on the Weight & Balance form will now accept input in the fuel units that you specified on the Gen form.

Description is simply a description of the weight & balance station. The data that you enter here will be reproduced on the Weight & Balance form in order to allow you to enter the data for a specific flight.

Note: In Cessna handbooks (at least for the C172M) the arms for the seats and baggage can be found in the "Loading Arrangements" figure. The fuel tank arm must be derived from the data in the "Loading Graph" figure. Simply choose a point from the fuel line and calculate the arm. For the C172M, the last point on the fuel line has load moment/1000 = 13.75 and load weight = 285. The arm is therefore 13.75 * 1000 / 285 = 48.2.